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JLPT Resources


23 Oct 2012
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I remembered we have a resources section on this forum and decided to check it out to help myself study for JLPT N3. I noticed that the resource we have for this is from 2003 though. Is there a plan to update these resources as 2003 would have the old format of tests N 1-4 as opposed to N 1-5 and the resources for N3 would more closely match the current N4.

Also I think it would be useful to link to an easy news site to help members with reading practice. I personally use NHK's easy news site and think it'd be a good resource for people to read up on news in Japan in Japanese.


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14 Mar 2002
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Sorry for the late reply! 😅

Are you referring to this thread?

It probably needs to be cleaned up and updated.

As for the Resource section: all members can contribute and upload their materials (unless copyrighted). So if anyone has more recent materials please share them.

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