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  1. Seiko

    Japan “Sayonara Tax.” International tourists pay before departure

    One of my co-workers reading the USA Today news paper drop off a cut out article about Japan travel. Knowing i am about to travel out there for work, He wanted to to get my opinion on it. I got a little upset but laugh telling him this year was my last year traveling there. This other person...
  2. korewa76

    Online work relating to tax & visa

    Hi everyone. I have been living and woking in Japan for a couple of years. I have full-time employment on a Humanities/Engineer visa. Before moving to Japan I was an audio engineer and video editor for television shows and commercials in several countries. I have been asked to edit & mix shows...
  3. B

    Japanese Taxes on Capital Gains from Sale of US Stock

    I'm a permanent resident of Japan. On my Japanese tax return for this year, I will have to report capital gains from the sale of some US stock. All I can find online is information saying that capital gains from the sale of overseas stock is reported "separately from ordinary income" in Japan...
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