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  1. Rya

    Post Graduate Degree accepted for Work Visa

    I have recently completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration which is ordinarily the equivalent to or greater than a bachelors degree.I do not have a bachelors degree as I went with the work experience entry route at my university.I plan on eventually upgrading to full MBA in...
  2. DolfWantHug

    Help Struggling With Japanese Sentence Structure

    So I Have been studying Japanese for around 3-4 Months now and I am loving all of it and being able to pick up on things in Japanese Music,Anime and Manga etc. But there is one massive problem I am having and that is sentence structure. I feel my vocabulary is growing very quickly as I study...
  3. or halimi

    Learning Japanese via Where are your keys

    Hey guys, first time here around. So I'm studying Japanese on my own around 9 mounts and it's going really slow, I also want to find people to practice and talk via Skype but it didn't go so well because nothing to talk about... Anyway, I found this "Where are your keys" method which is...
  4. Sumiken


    SumiKen on the App Store SumiKen is an endless samurai game drawn in Japanese sumi-e painting style. This game features fast paced samurai slashing action set in the beautiful landscape of Japan. The game mechanic is an easy to learn, but difficult to master swipe system which require precise...
  5. P

    "I have a reservation" in Japanese.

    Here is a example of practical Japanese phrase when you stay at Japanese hotel. 予約をしてあります(よやくをしてあります。) (how to read)yoyaku wo shite arimasu meaning: I have a reservation. You can memorize this phrases and use as it is. But there is several different expressions as the same meaning...
  6. M

    Japanese tattoo (Kanji)

    I want to get this tattoo and from top to bottom it is supposed to say: Patience, Respect, Appreciation, Discipline. Can you guys confirm that for me just to be safe.
  7. AdamOfTheSky

    Does my sentence make sense?

    階段の上から下りる Kaidan no ue kara oriru or Kaidan no ue kara ni oriru or something else
  8. Rayaqin

    Could someone help me with a translation, please? ( English->Japanese )

    Greetings everyone, The phrase I'd like toask you guys to translate from English to Japanese is " True love waits ". It is the title of a Radiohead song, and also appears in the lyrics. Some of the lyrics for more context: "... Just don’t leave Don’t leave And true love waits In haunted attics...
  9. G

    Is my understanding of these family vocabulary correct?

    Hi guys, I'm learning about family vocabulary right now and I have a few areas where I'm not so sure on. I know most of the time you'd refer to a lot of these by their names but I just want to be clear on what their titles are. I just want to know if my understanding is all correct. Are the...
  10. M

    Made an iPhone/iPad game for Japanese learners of English.

    Just a quick shill here. I've made a game for the iPhone/iPad with over 3000 vocabulary to learn. Simple things from basic colors, to really more difficult words like "fallacy" and "nomenclature" etc. 英語勉強ゲーム - 英語Journey! on the App Store If you're interested, please feel free to give it a...
  11. Jellie

    please translate this into english

    i bought this plush from a thrift store, and i like reading the information on the tag, but it's all in Japanese kanji. i even tried finding the same exact plush online, no luck. translation sites kept throwing words that wouldn't make sense to say on a plush (examples; cow rumen, fatty tuna...
  12. G

    Help How does Nihongo differentiate between singular and plural for a noun?

    In English we add an "s" usually. E.g. "car" is "cars", "pen" is "pens", etc. If I wanted to differentiate a noun in this way, e.g. "newspaper" and "newspapers", what is the method used in Nihongo? For example in Korean you add "deul" to the end. Person=saram People=saram-deul
  13. JREF

    MEXT Scholarship Japanese Language Test 2015 2017-03-06

    Japanese Language Test 2015 for MEXT applicants, Elementary level, Intermediate level, Advanced level.
  14. Nikitas

    Translation checking and suggestions for Japanese video clip intro.

    So guys I have this paragraph in English that I'm trying to get translated since I want to use it in my brother's video clip intro for a song. The song will be in Greek but the intro itself in Japanese. Now, I'm no expert in Japanese so I want to be SURE that what is said in the video is 100%...
  15. K

    Need Japanese video translated if possible(short)

    Hi There, Am getting into the Japanse music scene, I recently watched a video where some people pick out records from a record store, they say something about 1 record in particular but I don't know what they said, if someone could translate that would be awesome !. Video link is below, I'm...
  16. alexadler

    I'm making an innovative book to learn kanji [Feedback request]

    Hello there! I'm currently finishing a book about learning kanji using real etymologies and glyphs from the oracle-bone script. You can see the first 4 pages of the radical chapter here And here the first 4 pages of the level 1 (of difficulty) chapter here I'm launching a Kickstarter...
  17. G

    Help How to get katakana reading practice?

    I recently learned hiragana very quickly simply by reading these stories out loud which are written purely in hiragana Japanese Stories I found that simply reading it out loud non-stop allowed me to learn all hiragana in a few days. I'm very keen to do the same with katakana but I'm having...
  18. O

    Original sound track

    What is the name of the group that sang the original sound track for this anime: ? I just took a screenshot of the main character with my iMagik game
  19. Andrew Shipp

    Scroll Translation Help

    Hello everyone, I've had this old scroll for a few years now. Just remembered I had it after finding it in a recent move. I've always wondered what exactly it said. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. - Andrew
  20. spirit2112


    こんにちは!私のなまえは精神二一一二です。わたしはコーヒーがだいすき。 Aaaaand that's about the limit of my 日本語。Switching keyboards is such a hassle. I'm spirit2112, kudos if you know where my username comes from. :P I love coffee as you may already know, I've been learning Japanese for about 6 months now. I guess I'm okay at...
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