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  1. JojaTheCat

    Translation Help Needed (Japanese to English)

    Hello! Can someone help me to translate this 20 seconds japanese audio to English, please?
  2. L


    Does anyone Know the answer to this? So.. what's the difference between say か v. カ ん v. ン め v. メ し v. シ よ v. ヨ あ v. ア From what I can tell they all make the same noises (unless there's slight differences I'm not catching) so what the difference, how do you know when to use one instead of...
  3. AdrianLe

    Authentic teriyaki sauce recipe using chicken or salmon bones

    I'm looking for an authentic Teriyaki sauce recipe using chicken or salmon bones.. Help ?
  4. L

    What Japanese text or poetry can I learn that would be profitable for learning Japanese language ?

    Hi. I am looking for a text to learn by heart in order to learn Japanese (with the help of the translation). I love learning texts and I really want to see where it can take me. So what I need is : a text that is long enough (or a set of shorter texts). Very short texts (Haiku for example)...
  5. H

    Best Japanese Rappers

    I'm really into Rap music and I'm Arabian, first off all, but Arab Rap is in a trashy and non-original state right now so I listen to American Rap and since I'm trying to learn Japanese (I love this language!) I would like to get into J-Rap. I know of the rapper KOHH because he's been blowing up...
  6. Mike Cash

    News Unqualified English Teacher Arrested

    Foreigners who complain about not being treated equally with their Japanese coworkers should be careful what they wish for. If you're a foreigner teaching English at a Japanese school despite not being qualified to do so, they call you an ALT. If you're a Japanese person teaching English at a...
  7. OoTmaster

    Help with determining meaning in long sentences

    I was reading an article on NHK easy news. Namely this one: NEWS WEB EASY|男性と女性の差が小さい国のランキング 日本は114番 I understand most of the content here I just need a bit of assistance seeing if I understand a section that seems to be a very long sentence of reasons for Japan's ranking...
  8. hanaflow3r

    New Youtube Channel to Learn Japanese

    Here I am years later still trying to learn Japanese. But now I'm ready to put in the work that is needed. I am going to be documenting this process through youtube and teaching what i am learning here is a video about -i and-na adjectives. I hope to get support from this forum in my learning...
  9. B

    (Dating) Advice needed

    Hello, I've been seeing this Japanese guy for a few times, we matched from Tinder. He seems like a nice man and definitely a workaholic. I'm interested in knowing more about him but the problem is he speaks very little. Like almost nothing at all if I don't ask him questions. The 1st meet was...
  10. T

    Please help! Struggling to understand a few things about the particles- "ga" が and "wa"は

    I started learning japanese about a week ago and have recently just spent a bit of time learning some grammar. I understand all of this from this website- The difference between 「は」 and 「が」 | Tae Kim's Blog Me) 食べた? – Did you eat? You) 食べた。 – I ate. Now, what if I wanted to ask you if Alice...
  11. robeni

    Help Could you help me correct this paragraph I wrote?

    じつわ、私はすべての音楽ジャンルがすきだ。へんなジャンルもよく聞きます。たとえばオペラとヘビーメタルとナイトコアをしります。分かった、ナイトコアはさいてい音楽、たぶん世界でさいあくかな。それはちょうど楽しみのためですから。しかし、オペラはふるい音楽、私の父はオペラにみせた。いつか私と父はイタリアにいきたいと思います。その時いいドレスを着たいです。オペラはすばらしいイベントです。ルチアーノ・パヴァロッティは好きなかしゅでもかれは死にました。さねんですねかれのこえはすばらしかったです。 アンドレア・ボチェッリまだいきているから、いつか彼のコンサートに行きたい。...
  12. N

    "Proverb" Translation

    Greetings! I saw this proverb the other day and really want to know the Japanese translation of it, possibly to make a poster of some sort. I believe it is basically a fictional quote from a samurai who tells his student: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war." Can...
  13. D

    Naming my, "music shrine."

    I'm a music engineering hobbyist of 5 years, and my music studio has a Japanese Shrine theme. I want to give it a name to put at the entrance of the room, but I don't have enough confidence in my Japanese to make the name myself. Anyone know what I could call the room, and how I could write it...
  14. Andrew Mize

    Understanding the Passive Form

    I would like to start this thread to help people and myself better understand the use of the passive form in Japanese since we do not grammatically recognize the passive form in English. So post away any questions, interesting passive form usages with meanings, idioms w/ passive form, etc. To...
  15. Andrew Mize

    Started to dance vs. started dancing

    Do the two clauses おどり はじめました and おどって はじめました have different nuances or completely different meanings in general? When would each example be more appropriate? Also what is the name of the form when changing a verb into -ing, like odoru to odori?
  16. Andrew Mize

    Japanese language question

    What does りゅうぐうじょう mean? The sentence is 貝がらやさんご、しんじゅが、キラキラひかる りゅうぐうじょう に ついたのです。
  17. Andrew Mize


    I was reading this childrens book and I found the clause たすけて くださった. The character who said it was obviously acknowledging that the listener helped them, but I am confused with exactly how this would be translated into English.
  18. millie_bu

    Help Please help my research!

    Hi everyone! Was unsure which thread to post this on so I hope this one is right :) I'm currently a student in the UK and I'm writing a dissertation style essay on the difficulties that foreigners face when learning Japanese. I've already carried out some in depth research on the...
  19. C

    LINE anyone?

    Hi everyone, I just started learning Japanese and would really like it if I could have a partner to help me through LINE or something. I can teach English to anyone and it would really help me if I had someone for this! I'm just getting back into studying Japanese, and I will be taking Japanese...
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