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  1. gushers

    Hey from Poland/Japan!

    Im half japanese, half polish. You can read something about Japan on my blog: ghyodo I'll post many thing about Japan ;) peace
  2. mdchachi

    Retro video: 1994 Halloween Yamanote

    It's October now so a good time to post videos of the Yamanote Halloween Party Train ride around Tokyo in 1994. I knew nothing about it but my Japanese friend asked me to join him in this annual event and so we went. We dressed up (if you can call it that) as Beavis & Butthead. I had no idea...
  3. Mike Cash

    Translating WWII Flags

    We seem to get quite a lot of requests for translations of Japanese flags from WWII. Some are from people whose relatives brought the flags back home with them after the war. Their seeking translations or information doesn't really bother me that much. We also get quite a few requests from...
  4. H

    Trying to find father's long lost brother

    Hello, I know it will be nearly impossible to find anything due to the lack of information that I have but I wanted to see if anyone may be able to point me in some sort of direction... My father was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1948. I have his birth name and date of birth, and his mother's name...
  5. Ryoma

    Joining the JGSDF

    hey guys, my name is Ryoma Brunel and ive had an interest in joining the JGSDF since the age of 18. Right now, i am age 20, have a high school education, reside in NYC, and have dual citizenship for the USA, and JAPAN. My Japanese is almost native when it comes to speaking, but reading and...
  6. thevahid

    Geisha are so much fun to hunt down in Kyoto!

    So I was in Japan a couple months ago and I had such a blast. One of the highlights was hunting down Geisha in Kyoto. When we finally found them it was surreal to me. They float like ghosts in the night. I wanted to share my experience if that's ok. Skip to 8 minutes if to get to the Geisha...
  7. Tokyo41


  8. Tokyo49


  9. Ayako Yvan   (In front of Fuji San )

    Ayako Yvan (In front of Fuji San )

    In front of Fujiyama near Gotenba
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