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  1. CeejayP

    Trying to find an old friend of my parents

    I'm trying to find an old friend of my parents from when I was young. I only have her name, possible maiden name (given the amount of time that's passed since we lost contact with her, it's likely she's married now) and an old address that she probably doesn't live at anymore. Her name is...
  2. Devika

    MEXT scholarship

    So I'm involved at a university in my home country . If I get the MEXT scholarship for college of technology , will I have to leave my tech studies at my actual uni and go to Japan ??
  3. E

    Help Wifi In Japan

    Hey! I am probably a normal teen, who can't live without wifi. My family are going to japan in a couple months and I was wondering about wifi in japan. Is there like a free wifi hotstop everywhere in Japan? Is there a wifi model I can but at the airport and carry it with me around Japan? Thanks
  4. Haxedus

    When to visit Japan?

    Hello! One of my life goals are visiting Japan, let's say for one month or so and I'm learning Japanese atm by myself because of that. When is the best time to visit Japan when I'd love to go to nature and just travel through like whole Japan? I love summer and high temperatures btw. Thanks for...
  5. Neko 2489

    Seeking Help People from Kurashiki - Okayama

    Hi , Im seeking for help ! My friend in Singapore just cut herself just for a heartless jp guy who lives in Okayama , Kurashiki ! The story goes this : They both know each other since last year Oct , they both hit off very fast and they start to communicate almost everyday. And my friend she...
  6. Rya

    Post Graduate Degree accepted for Work Visa

    I have recently completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration which is ordinarily the equivalent to or greater than a bachelors degree.I do not have a bachelors degree as I went with the work experience entry route at my university.I plan on eventually upgrading to full MBA in...
  7. Mike Cash

    Why Cyclists Scare Me

    This is video from the drive recorder on one of the 10 ton trucks from the company I work for. Can you count how many seconds it was from the time he was "safely" riding along the left edge of the road until he was thrown into the middle of the intersection and under the bumper of a truck? Can...
  8. Z

    Gift ideas for friends in Japan

    Hi Everyone! First post \^^/ I'm new to the community, but I expect to be active in the not-to-distant future. For now though, I have to be brief because my wife and I are traveling to Japan (for the first time) in just 2 days! During our trip we'll be visiting two Japanese friends. We've been...
  9. tourceb

    Services Japan to Cebu, Philippines

    Are you from Japan who is planning to have your vacation in Cebu, Philippines, we can help you organize your tours and hotel booking. You can explore our services at www.krtravelandtours.com . Our company is a direct tour operator. We can help you save your budget. We have licensed and tourism...
  10. OoTmaster

    Japanese Trip in April

    I took my first trip to Japan this April. I went to Japan in April of course for the sakura mostly and to visit a ton of my friends. I had a JR pass so I was able to visit a lot of places. I started in Nagoya, went to Hida-Takayama for a day, then to Osaka, while I was in Osaka I visited Nara...
  11. F

    Searching for Etsuko

    Hi all, if anyone knows something about this please reply!!! It's been an year since I'm trying to find some infos but it seems like the infos completely disappeared from reality! The person I'm trying to find some infos about is my great great grandmother who came from Japan and married my...
  12. M

    Japanese tattoo (Kanji)

    I want to get this tattoo and from top to bottom it is supposed to say: Patience, Respect, Appreciation, Discipline. Can you guys confirm that for me just to be safe.
  13. OoTmaster

    Japanese Trip in April

    Posted here asking for recommendations for cheap hotels a little more than a year ago and never updated everyone on how that turned out. That was because at the time I did not end up going to Japan. I started putting money into other things about that time. Next month though I will be going to...
  14. Jingyu Yan

    Looking for old friend back in elementary school

    私は小学校時代の友達が探しています。私の日本語は良くないけど、友達と再会したい. 彼女の名前は広瀬なお、私たちは #堀原小学校 のクラスメートです。もし誰か彼女を見つけるのを助けることができれば, 本当に感謝します。 Hey guys, I'm looking for my old friend from 堀原小学校 in 茨城県水戸市(Mito Ibaraki). She was my best friend back in the old days. Unfortunately, due to my parents' work, I had to leave Japan...
  15. herculas

    Starting a business in Japan.

    So I moved to Japan, Tokyo and have some money I would like to use and invest in the catering/food business in Japan. i don't know the language and I know this will be a hindrance, but I still want to give it a shot. Simply put my plan is to sell some Turkish food, starting off small and if...
  16. K

    Travel Good place to go near tokyo.

    hello guys i'm headed to japan from march 31- April 9 and im flying into tokyo and staying in the ana continental hotel. I want to go see the nature side of japan like the forests, temples, mountains, etc. does anyone know some good places to go or cool events to see? This is my first and most...
  17. Phantomhive

    Looking for my father

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for my father which I haven't met since the day I was born. His name is Hiroaki Sato and he is from Ina, Nagano Japan. He was working in a company named Union Denki at that time which was in the year 1991. I am now 25 years old and I tried going to Japan by myself...
  18. Vadim

    Hi everyone! Всем привет!

    I'm Vadim, 25 y.o. from a cold and tough country Russia. I ran accidentally into this forum today and decided to join in a search for folks to talk to. Since I recently got extremely interested in the Japanese culture and the Japanese language, those interested in a cultural or language exchange...
  19. Khaled.M.


    hello everybody i am Egyptian medical student and i will start learning Japanese soon i have some questions about being doctor in japan and practice medicine i read alot about rules and that i should get N1 in Japanese and pass national exam my question is about what will happen after get all...
  20. J

    Need help translating Japanese address?

    Hello! I am trying to buy items from Japan using a forwarding service. I was given a Japanese address to use, unfortunately, the form is in Japanese and I am unsure of where I am meant to fill in a form for shipping and am afraid of filling in the wrong info in the wrong box. Please help...
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