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  1. Mike Cash

    Rest in Peace, Uchida Yasuo

    One of Japan's most successful, well-known, and prolific modern authors has passed away at the age of 83. I doubt that the foreigners who get so worked up over Japanese literature but who never read a single word of it that somebody else didn't translate for them have ever heard of him. I don't...
  2. P

    Help a girl out!!

    Hi everyone! I have a HUGE favor to ask you. My friend (originally from the states) moved to Tokyo at the beginning of this year, and he started an instagram account to document his life so that he can share with his best friend back home. I’d be really grateful if you guys could follow his...
  3. Mike Cash

    HANZAI: True Crime Stories from Japan

    Due to the nature of my work I am a rather heavy consumer of podcasts, listening to quite a few in the True Crime genre. Having for many years done quite a lot of reading of Japanese books dealing with crime and all aspects of the criminal justice system in Japan, and having noticed that there...
  4. J

    Workers unearth 1500 year old armor and sword

    Hello all :) I saw this and thought I'd share it here Workers paving a road in the Osumi region in the eastern Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan stumbled upon a 1,500-year-old tunnel tomb. In the stone tomb, they've found well-preserved armour, a sword and human remains. Source : Workers...
  5. Mike Cash

    News Poultry Problems

    I realize that most people don't click on the Japanese news articles I link here, but if you can read it yourself or have some techno-cheat that will translate it for you, you might find this exposé of Japan's egg farming and poultry production conditions interesting. The first thing that jumps...
  6. J

    Shinto and War Interview Questions

    Hey Guys, I'm an IB World Religions student conducting a research paper on Shinto and War/Armed Conflicts. If any of you are Shinto and willing to answer these questions, please respond as soon as possible: Shinto Interview Questions: War and Armed Conflicts As there is no official dogma...
  7. Brunshae93

    Decode please

  8. P

    What is the name of this funky Japanese boogie/disco/indie song? (Vocals at 00:20)

    Anyone know what this Japanese indie/boogie/disco gem is? Recorded in Niseko and previously posted in The Identification of Music group on Facebook (without success). All that is known that supposedly this is an 'indie music' tune and the lyrics are about someone on a train. As a couple of hours...
  9. Why Exploring Tokyo Is A Great Way To Start.

    Why Exploring Tokyo Is A Great Way To Start.

    Ever since I was 10 years old I decided that I wanted to go to Japan one day. Japan was the mysterious country with the great temples, unknown language and beautiful kimonos which I knew through their music. I started out with Visual Kei and gradually shifted my attention towards other music...
  10. Mike Cash

    News Never Let Them See You Sweat

    Canadian man caught smuggling 9.8kg of meth in his guitar case, busted by Customs officer who noticed him sweating profusely. They think it was nerves. I think it was from lugging around a guitar case that weighed an extra 9.8kg. Either way, he's facing from three years to life in prison and...
  11. Itasimisete

    Hi! Nice to meet you!

    Hi! My name is Thirsa, I'm currently 23 and I've been born and raised in the small, rainy parts of Europe called The Netherlands. I have been working as a photographer for some years now and I had the luxury of finishing two degrees which gave me a lot of great oppertunities, one of them being...
  12. O

    Japanese Investors

    just wondering if investors in Japan are interested in Canada, Like the Chinese investors are?
  13. Hiroshi Rubi

    My mother just died and told me about my japanese father. Can someone help me find him?

    Hello Everyone My name is Hiroshi Rubi. I live in Philippines. I am looking for my father. I never have any picture of him. My mother died last October 19, 2017 and before that she gave me some detail about my father. I don’t know where to start looking for him... here is the only detail I...
  14. Mike Cash

    Japanese Sign Language

    I just received notification in the mail today that I successfully passed the 3級 level of the Japanese Sign Language Proficiency Test (手話技能検定). Since it is supposed to take about two years and I managed it in six months I am rather pleased with myself. Fascinating stuff and I just wish I had...
  15. Andrew Mize

    Started to dance vs. started dancing

    Do the two clauses おどり はじめました and おどって はじめました have different nuances or completely different meanings in general? When would each example be more appropriate? Also what is the name of the form when changing a verb into -ing, like odoru to odori?
  16. H

    Getting Japanese Student Visa in South Korea

    Hello, I live in the UK and will be receiving my Certificate of Eligibility form from a Japanese university by 20th August. However, I was originally told by the university that my Certificate of Eligibility form would arrive by late July/early August, so I booked a flight to South Korea to...
  17. Andrew Mize

    Japanese language question

    What does りゅうぐうじょう mean? The sentence is 貝がらやさんご、しんじゅが、キラキラひかる りゅうぐうじょう に ついたのです。
  18. Ozusan

    Get a job in Japan as a foreigner?

    Hello, it is Oz :) I have a question to ask you about working in Japan. Currently I live in Turkey. I lived in USA for 1 year as scholar of Department of State. I am originally from Turkey. I planned to move and work in Japan,but it is not that easy to say. I just started Japanese language...
  19. mogosch

    What American or other foreign store would you like to see in Japan?

    Hello there, I work here in Tokyo and my boss gave me like some homework. he asked me, what foreign store might come to Japan? or what is an interesting foreign store? you know he wants some foreign tenants for his building here in Tokyo. What would you like to see in Japan more? Would be...
  20. S

    Lets get together?

    Hello, I prefer to go by sun and I am from america. Im looking to connect with other american individuals to get together and plan some travel. Maybe even learn japanese together? I have never been to japan but would love to go. If any one has any tips on traveling (i.e expenses, airlines...
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