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  1. thomas

    News Two English teachers stand up for their rights

    In the course of the Ghosn case, the Japanese judicial system has been receiving a lot of flak. However, it‘s reassuring to know it‘s still working, even for foreigners. As the following case demonstrates...
  2. K

    How soon do ALTs and Eikaiwas expect you to move?

    Do ALTs and Eikaiwas see a problem with hiring a foreigner that can't go to Japan until 3 months after getting a job offer? (Firms that sponsor Work Visas claim that Visas typically take 2 months to process. This will be followed by a legally required 1 month resignation notice period at my...
  3. The Unbiased Truth About Nova

    Work The Unbiased Truth About Nova

    Topics in this article: The Reality of Nova The Nova Routine The Interview and Qualifications Accommodation Training and Teaching Methods Money and Saving Schedule and Vacation Nova Policies Coworkers and Location Requests Being a Gaijin in Japan Other Opportunities in Japan...