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  1. ランセス。

    News Trump Election's effect in Japanese Economy

    Hey there everyone, first thread opened in the forum. Since last night, I've been following the American Election Day and it came to my interest how this elections are affecting the economy in Tokyo. According to different media sources it is kind of a drastically damaging the stock in Tokyo...
  2. Zaibatsu

    History Zaibatsu

    Zaibatsu (財閥, literally "wealthy clique") refers to industrial and financial combines of a conglomerate type that dominated the Japanese economy between the Meiji Period (1868-1912) and World War II. Created by powerful industrial families, they were operated through a tight network of parent...
  3. Y

    Japan's Economy Information Needed for a Novel

    Hello there! I'm hoping some one here would be able to answer some of these questions. What I'm wondering about is general economy of japan. specifically, the economy of each region in japan. If i can go into depth I would like to explain further about what kind of information I'm looking...
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