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  1. JREF

    Can one be in love with a language? 2017-10-04

    Mar’yana Kovalchuk's entry in the JREF Essay Contest 2016
  2. JREF

    Ujicha 2017-10-04

    Matt Barber's ("IndieDevM") entry in the JREF Essay Contest 2016
  3. JREF

    What aspects of Japanese culture intrigue you the most? 2017-10-04

    Ryan Noble's winning entry in the JREF Contest 2016
  4. The Essay That Sent Me To Japan

    The Essay That Sent Me To Japan

    I had been planning to go to Japan for years. It was my dream. I'd been learning the language for a couple of years and felt like I could just about get by. Even so, I'd been waiting. Waiting for someone to find the time and money to join me on my trip of a lifetime, and then just when I was...
  5. M

    Attention English Teachers!

    Attention English teachers in Japan!! I have a great opportunity for your middle school students. I am organizing a contest for an all-expenses trip to Space Camp in the USA for a teacher and two students. I live in Tokyo but do not have many connections with schools in Japan. I thought...
  6. thomas

    Second JREF Essay Contest

    We are very proud to announce the Second JREF Essay Contest in collaboration with Genki Japanese & Culture School in Fukuoka on one of the following three topics: What aspect(s) of Japanese culture intrigue(s) you the most? Tell us about an interesting interaction you have had in Japanese...
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