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  1. C

    Question Sendagaya Japanese Institute...to good to be true?

    I was wondering if anyone here has been to this school personally and can verify if it's legit or not. You see the reason I'm so skeptical is because they offer an intensive course (everday course) that I'm interested in taking but the cost of it is surprisingly low compared to other intensive...
  2. Bexy Jones

    Help Advice needed on TEFL and finding a job at a school after TEFL..

    Hello, I am currently looking for advice on TEFL courses and getting work in Japan. I plan on starting an online TEFL course next month but I would love to know more about which one would be best to take (which website etc). I would preferably like to find a place that could help me find a job...
  3. Annabyss

    Occupational mishap

    Would it be difficult for someone to work at a hospital, lab, or factory in Japan even if they were "fluent" in japanese? I am a high school student currently studying Japanese and am interested in the medical field and Robotic engineering. The robotics industry is very prominent in Japan so I'd...
  4. G

    Help How does Nihongo differentiate between singular and plural for a noun?

    In English we add an "s" usually. E.g. "car" is "cars", "pen" is "pens", etc. If I wanted to differentiate a noun in this way, e.g. "newspaper" and "newspapers", what is the method used in Nihongo? For example in Korean you add "deul" to the end. Person=saram People=saram-deul
  5. J

    Where to find Japanese Remix contests?

    Hello! New here, so I am grateful to be able to join the community :) Friends, I am looking for a Japanese remix competition to join, and sadly have not been able to find a source for these competitions. Does anyone know of a good site or have any advice for where to look? I just moved to...
  6. T

    grammar question about japanese perhaps about suffix

    hi guys, i 'm tyki and i have a question but i couldn't find the grammar section can someone guide me or provide a link towards the grammar section . i need to post grammar question about japanese perhaps about suffix(Not honorifics i dont wanna know bout -san -chan- etc) but i...
  7. PatrickNZ

    Konnichiwa from New Zealand

    Hello, I feel very new on this site and have only looked around a few places so far. I got an email saying my website had been added to the directory (not even sure how to get there from the main page), and thought I should join the forum. I am not especially new to Japan and the language...
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