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Here, I want to recommend a good Android App to learn and memorize Japanese vocabulary. Japanese Vocabulary (N1~N5) (Available in Google Play Store) Japanese Vocabulary (N1~N5) - Apps on Google Play I found that it contains many vocabulary (cover JLPT N5 up to N1) with awesome text UI, and offline pronunciation is supported!!! The mini game inside the app also helps me in memorizing the newly learned vocabulary a lot. No additional money is needed to unlock any features. All the content...
Hello everyone, I want to share with you a free website I created which lets you watch videos in Japanese that match your current level. The community can rate a video's difficulty and discuss about its use of grammar / vocabulary etc. You can also track your progress which lets you see your small improvements over time. Website: ipluseins The idea behind the website 'ipluseins' is that in order to acquire language easily you should consume material in your i + 1 level. i being your...
Dear all, after a long time, I reached N2. I saw many mobile apps for Japanese learning. However, they are just normal and quite boring to me. That's why I tried to make a new app on my own. This app is based on game playing and just at a draft version. I will develop it further with many attractive features in near future. You guy can get links at Japanese Battle - Apps on Google Play. Thanks for your time.
This app should help in study in preparation of JLPT exams. Currently only a training for study JLPT words list is available but, if possible, I'll add more for study kanji and, maybe, grammar. JLPT Words This training allow to study official JLPT words list. Is possible to select the JLPT level to study and the combination of kanji, hiragana and meaning. Indeed the particularity of this test is to select one "target" that can be kanji, hiragana or meaning and try to select the correct...
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If you are interested there are two free android games for help in study kana (hiragana and katakana) as follow: Kana Balls Download: Kana Balls - Android Apps on Google Play Kana Bubble Download: Kana Bubble - Android Apps on Google Play J-Tool This is a free tool using the japanese text analyzer Mecab and the dictionary jmdict for make an analysis of japanese text and show result in a better format. Parsing and translation is not perfect but in general it can help: Donwload for...
JAccent is an offline Japanese accent dictionary for Japanese teachers and learners.You can search for the Tokyo dialect accent, and you can also
SumiKen is an endless samurai game drawn in Japanese sumi-e painting style.This game features fast paced samurai slashing action set in the
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Tatami Dictionary is a Japanese – Japanese, Japanese – English Dictionary, which still functions normally in OFFLINE mode!Tatami Dictionary consists
An android app to kick-start your Japanese learning through common phrases and concise lessons.