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Marunouchi Walks

Yesterday, @Maciamo and I met up on Ginza to revisit the Marunouchi District. Both of us hadn't been there in many years. It is quite amazing how many extraordinary places you can see and visit within the radius of just two kilometres!

Unfortunately, I had only my iPhone 6 to shoot photos. A few impressions below:

The Hermès building in Marunouchi. There used to be a Sony building adjacent to it, which has obviously been replaced with some underground art space or gallery.

The Tokyo International Forum (東京国際フォーラム), the former site of the Tokyo City Hall, now located in Shinjuku

A statue of Ōta Dōkan (太田道灌) at the Tokyo International Forum.

The historical Tokyo Station building as seen from JP Tower KITTE.

Tokyo Station as seen from KITTE.

The garden on 6F of the JP Tower KITTE building.

View of Tokyo Bay as seen from 35F of the Marunouchi Building (Marubiru).

The Outer Garden of the Imperial Palace.

Seimon Stone Bridge (正門石橋) at the Imperial Palace.



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