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Hokkaido 2020: The North

Hokkaido Trip 2020 - Day 3: the North​

500 kilometers around the northern cape.

Hard to believe that this is Japan. Almost no cars, no people. A shot of the coastline along the northwestern shore, Teshio District:

Cape Sōya (宗谷岬) in Wakkanai is the northernmost point of Hokkaido. Many monuments along the cape:

This is the memorial of the USS Wahoo, a US submarine sunk in 1943.

43 kilometers to Sakhalin.

The northernmost point of Japan.

This is the Akebono Memorial commemorating Hokkaido's dairy farms and milk production.

And a short stop at the limestone caves of Nakatonbetsu (中頓別鍾乳洞):

Map of Cape Sōya:

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