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Hokkaido 2020: Shiretoko Peninsula

Hokkaido Trip 2020 - Day 4: Shiretoko Peninsula​

Day 4 was another 500-kilometer journey. Destination: Shiretoko Peninsula (in Japanese: 知床半島 Shiretoko-hantō), a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005. It is the easternmost part of Hokkaido and most of the peninsula is part of the Shiretoko National Park (知床国立公園, Shiretoko Kokuritsu Kōen). I explored the northwestern coast and did not meet a lot of other visitors. Below some shots I took.

Oshinkoshin Falls (オシンコシンの滝)​

Cape Oshinkoshin (オシンコシン崎)

Oshinkoshin is supposed to mean "place that Sakhalin fir grows thickly in the downstream" in Ainu language. :)

Shiretoko Peninsula​

Map of Shiretoko:

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