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Hokkaido 2020: Blue Pond (Aoiike)

Hokkaido Trip 2020 - Day 2: around Furano​

On the second day, I was exploring the area around Furano (富良野).

Being a fan of Tadao Ando, I visited the Chapel on the Water, a wedding chapel located on the grounds of the Hoshino Resorts Tomamu.

The next destination was the famous Blue Pond (青い池 Aoiike), one of the hottest Instagram spots in Japan. It is an artificial pond that was created close to the town of Shirogane Onsen after the eruption of Mount Tokachi in 1988. It is part of a system to prevent volcanic mudflow along Biei River (美瑛川). The blue colour is a result of residues of aluminium hydroxide, sulfur and lime that bleach the bedrock under the pond.


Map of the Blue Pond

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