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Baby on the way 2.

Well, I just wanted to keep you guys up to date.

Mayuko is now in her 9th week, and she is having a lot of trouble with the morning sickness and especially because she still has to work full-time she is having a hard time.

Because of that I try to cover her in the house holding as much as possible... the last 2 weeks I have cooked maybe 10 times... which is a lot more than I usually do. We also went to the clinic a couple of days ago to see the echo and it was very special to see our little baby on the echo with a heartbeat. The baby is now about 1.3 cm tall.

Anyway, I hope Mayuko is doing better soon, but I think it's going to take at least 3-5 more weeks.


That sounds like a good time estimate of the rough waters that morning sickness stirs up. Hang in there with helping out. Keep the love and comfort and psychological (emotional) support there. Take care of your health too.

I well recall the wonderous joy of seeing the sonagrams. (if that's what they are called)
Yeah wish strenght and luck, it ain't easy but you are doing it for the health of your wife and for the coming baby

It's always fun to see a little baby, I hope you can resist, because most fathers faint or are afraid to see their son/daughter.

But yeah to talk about that is a bit early, goodluck and much love デベ!

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