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baby name

It's still a little bit early, but it wouldn't be a bad thing to talk about it already...

<span style="font-weight:bold;">The name</span>

We are not going to give the baby a Dutch name such as roosje, or Jan-Willem-klaase and neither we will give the child an English name such as George, Steven, or Hillary. We are thinking about a Japanese name, that can also be used in English. Names such as Rina, or Risa. Kenji which can be transformed to Ken (I don't like the name ken... but just to give an example).

I found <a href="http://www.babynamescountry.com/origins/japanese_baby_names2.html">this nice site</a> where you can search by origin. Please have a look at tell us.. what you think is a nice name for a baby with a Dutch Dad, and a Japanese mom.

(this is a copy of the orign post on my baby site: http://akachankawaii.blogspot.com


I agree that "Kenji" and variations aren't good. I know two couples who named their boys "Ken" (Ken and Kenichi). Much too common.

My idea of a nice name is to find a good Dutch name that comes in two or three syllables and convert the three into appropriate and nice kanji characters.
If your in-laws are into lucky baby names (stemming from the number of strokes for each character for both first and family names), let them choose the characters--it will make them happy!
If I ever actually have a son, I think I would just give him a regular Japanese name that I like. A name like Kazuhiro, for example, could easily be shortened to Kazu as a kind of nickname when necessary.
I agree with Mikawasan, although I personally liked Kazuo from that list. The name means 'first-born' and that's what he will be, so it has a real meaning (^ ^) As Mikawasan points out, Kazu or even just Kaz can be a nickname for him.

As for female names, Kimi, 'righteous child', is nice and simple, and can be shortened to Kim.
Thanks for the replies guys! I'm very happy with it.

I like some of the names however I am not a big fan of Kazuhiro . It shouldn't be that long. I do like Hiro though.

I do like the name Megumi.. but it makes me think a bit to much about MEGUMI (the gravure Idol ;))

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