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Castle Suemori Castle

This article is in the series Walking the Japanese Castles
Suemori Castle (末森城 Suemori-jō) is hilltop castle located in the east of Nagoya City. Shiroyama Hachimangū Shrine (城山八幡宮), also known as Shiroyama Hakusan, lies in the very centre of the former castle grounds.


Oda Nobuhide (織田信秀, 1510-1551), the father of Nobunaga, built the castle in order to defend Owari Province against the Imagawa of Mikawa and moved there from Furuwatari Castle in 1548. However, just one year later, Nobuhide died of an illness in this castle, and his third son Nobuyuki (織田信行, 1536-1557) took control of the castle. In 1557, Nobuyuki conspired with the Hayashi clan of Owari (尾張林氏) against his brother Nobunaga who had him assassinated in Kiyosu Castle (清洲城 Kiyosu-jō). Suemori Castle was finally abandoned in 1559.


The map is based on Digital Japan Portal Web Site powered by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.

I walked to the castle from Kakuozan Station on the Nagoya Subway Higashiyama Line. Walking along Hirokoji-dori in an easterly direction, it took me some ten minutes to reach the castle. If you want to go there by car, see the link to Shiroyama Hachiman Shrine for more information on using their parking lot.

① Shiroyama Park is located at the foot of the castle. As there is no direct path leading to the castle site, we had to walk around the park.


② This is the entrance of Shiroyama Hachiman Shrine. I went up from here.



③ On the site of the former second enclosure is the Former Shōwa Jukudō Hall (旧昭和塾堂) of Aichi Gakuin University built by Aichi Prefecture in 1928.


④ This is the site of the former main enclosure. You can see the main shrine in the back.


⑤ The main shrine is surrounded by dried moats. This moat remained in good shape.


Date of visit: 14 September 2013


  • Address: Shiroyama-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
  • Transportation: 10 minutes from Nagoya Subway Higashiyama line Kakuozan station or Motoyama station on foot
    1km from Nagoya Expressway Higashiyama Line Yotsuya Exit via Prefectural Route 30
  • Other sights: Shiroyama Hachiman Shrine (on the castle grounds), Nagoya Castle


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